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New Artist Spotlight: Maine Musik + T.E.C. (@Lil_Maine_1500 @TeC_dA_CtB)


Alright..I’ve been holding onto these guys for a few weeks to see if anyone else would cosign them before me. Not saying they need a cosign. These Baton Rouge spitters have been burning shit down for a while now. A few years ago Master P grabbed them up and had them down with his New No Limit label, not sure what happened with that but now they’re on their own and making things shake. Their videos have gone viral, and caused much controversy in their native Baton Rouge. If you know me you know I love raw, rugged, violent street music. Maine Musik + TEC are just that and on top of all that, if you actually know what they’re talking about and listen to what they’re saying…these boys are rapping their ass of. Hella flows, hella bars, a lot of slick talk. Reminds me of the same back and forth energy that made us fall in love with The Hot Boy$ and The Big Tymer$. I’m sure the guns all in the videos will scare people but I definitely want to see these guys make it big in some capacity. We’ll see what happens, until then, watch the two videos below and get familiar.


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