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Why Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings Was So Important While I Was In College



“Yeah, and fuck them other niggas, 1 9 hundred who want it I deliver concert shoes won’t hepl in the river, I don’t care if you were Michael Phelps my niggas”

Ice Crem Pain Job

Can you believe its been 7 years to the day since Lil Wayne dropped his No Ceilings mixtape. In 2009 I was a 19-year-old freshman at Herkimer college & the only things that were keeping me in a good mood and not feeling home sick was music. By this time Apple just dropped the iPhone 3, sidekicks were slowly fading out, T.I was locked up for gun procession, Kanye West took the VMAs stage to violate Taylor Swift, Jay Z dropped The Blueprint 3, and on October 31st Lil Wayne drops one of his most important mixtapes.

The 21 track mixtape official dropped on Holloween with four additional tracks. His first two singles  ‘Wasted’ & ‘Swag Surf’ which were released at leat 2 weeks before the tape actually dropped. Wasted being an original song by Gucci Mane and Swag Surf which was a huge club record by F.L.Y and still is to this day. Doing what he does best rapping over numerous instrumentals from rap to R&B. The tape also included some of Lil Wayne’s Young Money artist Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & more and at the time Nicki & Tyga were the brand, new artist.

The day the tape dropped officially on DatPiff.Com I remember running to my friends Karmi’s dorm just so he can download the tape to my iPod. While my school was having a Halloween party and all my peers were dressing up to enjoy the festivities. My roommate and I stayed home rolled a few  blunts and blasted No Ceilings on the speakers and fell in love.

This was the first mixtape Lil Wayne put out since his very successful Carter III album which sold 1 million copies in 1 week. During the time Wayne was writing & preparing to drop this tape he was also in the middle of dealing with his July 2007 arrest in New York City after performing at the Beacon Theater. Wayne was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana. Later he was sentenced to 1 year in Rikers Island and only served 8 moths.

Knowing its only been less than 10 years ago since Wayne was putting out his best work. Right now in 2016 Wayne is in a battle with Birdman for his earnings from previous albums & more. In 2014  he released what was supposed to be the first single of off The Carter V, Belive Me’ featuring Drake. Which in my opinion was very much overlooked. No Ceilings 2 mixtape was released the following year along with the Free Weezy Album on Jay Z’s Tidal. Just a few weeks ago Wayne released his first book

Just a few weeks ago Wayne released his first book ‘Gone Til November’ about his time in prison at Rickers Island . As I’m currently reading his new book, patiently waiting for Tha Carter V & praying Wayne sets his legal issues with birdman straight. No Ceilings will also be a part of my daily routine. Especially when I wake & want to hear:

“Ok, No Ceilings Mother Fuckers Good Morning…” – Watch My Shoes







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