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Big Lettuce – 01 EP (@realdeezyblaze)


It’s Monday and I’m back to deliver some new music for you all to vibe out to, smoke to and maybe even impress your friends with your diligence in finding new music ;). At this moment I want to introduce you to a dazzling new rapper by the name of Big Lettuce (FKA Deezy Blaze). This guy is hilarious as shit, his ear for beats is pretty insane and did i mention he’s hilarious? One thing rap music has been missing as of late is it’s sense of humor. Following the tradition of rappers like Cam’Ron, Action Bronson, Retchy P, and Aesop Rock, Big Lettuce’s knack for fine culinary eats, exotic herbs, rare sodas, and extensive knowledge in  all that is pop culture has made him a favorite of mine. Never mind the fact that he’s probably one of the stylish rappers I’ve met in a while. His sweater and dad hat game is unmatched. Anytime you see him you can bet your bottom dollar his shoe game will be shitting on yours, between him and his homie Young Alf, they have a running shoe game so impressive even Ronnie Fieg would throw them a lifetime discount at KITH. Not to mention he should own a deli in Harlem for how good his homemade chopped cheese sandwiches are.


Put the 01 EP below, where he tackles 4 of the rarest instrumentals from the year 2001. This is definitely something for you to smoke and get jiggy to. Or if you want to use it to help motivate you to defeat the bots when you’re cashing out on the Supreme online store, Palace online store, or you can listen to it while you lurk online for a restock of Yeezy Boosts. Shouts to Big Lettuce and the whole 5 Deer crew. Shouts to Troy Kitchen, Peck’s Arcade, and Little Peck’s too. If any of you readers ever need a tour of the capital regions finest food spots, contact me, we can leave NYC, go Upstate and you’ll experience a whole new world on some Aladdin and Jasmine shit.


P.S. If you’re going to sip lean while listening to this you better make sure you do it with an extremely rare soda, I’ll fight you personally if you don’t.


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