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New Artist Spotlight: Abra Cadabra (@AbzNoProblem17)


One thing I always prided myself on was knowing what was hot currently as well as what’s about to be the next thing to catch fire, not only in my region, but all over the world. After a busy Summer, I realized, I haven’t been paying attention to the music scene in the U.K.. So I made it a point to spend some hours on all the prominent YouTube accounts that cover Hip-Hop/Grime within the U.K., after hours of digging, scouring and listening to man spit lyrics on lyrics on lyrics, the most impressive artist that I came across was a young man by the name of Abra Cadabra. In the same fashion that Stormzy and AJ Tracey came through and impressed me with their raw roadman inspired lyrics and big man delivery, despite being very young….Abra Cadabra picked up right where the aforementioned artists left off. I’m not actually sure how old Abra Cadabra is but his voice and tough ass lyrics put me in the mind of an OG on the roads who’s well into his 30s. However something tells me the young man isn’t even in his 20s yet. Whatever the case, you should definitely take some time out of your time and check this yute out. He’s stone cold and got a lot of tracks under his belt that are guaranteed to shell down the place. Best believe anytime you hand me the aux, I’m going to drop one of these and make the whole crowd melt. Big up man like Abra Cadabra.


Below is a small selection of some of the viral freestyle sessions and music videos that are rapidly turning the “Robbery” emcee into a household name.









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