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THAT I KNOW – LIL BABY SUPLEX (@CosmoClubNY @ccdimi @MIKE_568)


You probably aren’t familiar with Cosmo Club NY or Lil Baby Suplex so let me formally introduce you. Cosmo Club is a fashion label/creative agency if you will from out of NYC and Albany, NY. Many of the members of the collective are under the age of 21 and creative as fuck. Rappers, designers, graphic/visual artists, they’re pretty much creating all the waves that take off in the Albany, NY area. Many of these kids I watch grow up with my own eyes. The energy of the city is completely different than NYC. A lot of visitors like to compare it to cities such as Chicago or Atlanta but to really understand how people are rocking out there you have to either meet someone from that city or party there a few times. That’s where Lil Baby Suplex comes in. The young rapper blesses the streets/internet with this high energy, flexed up tune. I’m not even going to oversell it to you. Just press play and let me know how you feel. Many of the people I already played this for agree that this shit GOES!!! I need Dimi and Suplex to come through with some visuals for this track ASAP.


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